Motorcycle Glasses and Motorcycle Sunglasses

Motoflywear® products are specifically designed for wearing with helmets on motorcycles, have been developed and tested for a long time, and have been improved based on the feedbacks.

We are proud that
we have created:
The Motorcycle Eyewear,

a glasses and sunglasses family, which provides perfect vision, comfort, and safety. Scroll down to see the women and men collections!

Men’s Motorcycle Sunglasses

Innovation, function, and design: these are not just nice marketing blah blah in our case. Men’s motorcycle sunglasses are designed to resist all kinds of impacts you can encounter during driving, to always stay in position, to be perfectly comfortable—and also to look good!
You can choose from 4 variants of Alpha frames with 5 different lenses, so you can select from 20 diverse sunglasses. Arms and lenses can be easily changed even in riding gloves, so nothing can take you by surprise with motoflywear® motorcycle sunglasses Click on the pictures for more information about each model.

Women’s Motorcycle Sunglasses

Who told you that you couldn’t be pretty on a bike? Chic lines and sleek design: we took into consideration the requirements of women, as well, during the development of Motoflywear® sunglasses, so you also can enjoy the sight. Women’s sunglasses feature everything that men’s sunglasses: whether you are passenger, or ride your own bike, you deserve the same level of comfort and safety!
4 colour variations, 5 types of lenses: choose from 20 sunglasses in your size. Click on the pictures for more information about each model. The arms of motoflywear® motorcycle sunglasses can easily be changed, so you will see perfectly in every situation.

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses for Men

Our prescription glasses are specifically designed for wearing on motorcycle: they withstand extreme conditions and dirt, the frame and lenses are both made of unbreakable plastic… and the list of benefits goes on. But the most important thing is that every glasses, every lens are tailored for your needs and eyes, thus we can guarantee that your vision will be sharper, than it has ever been with any of your previous glasses. The horizon, the dashboard, the mirrors, and the intersection will be equally visible. You can ask for the colourless, photochromatic or tinted versions of all lenses, with all the extras.
The lenses and arms of motoflywear® motorcycle glasses can easily be changed, so you don’t have to worry about clear vision in any situations.
Click on the pictures to learn more about each model.

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses for Women

Personalized design, unbreakable frame and lenses, comfortable moto arms, optical lenses with many extras: women’s glasses feature everything that men’s glasses, but they are lovelier. Whether you are enraptured by the scenery on the back seat, or you set the pace on your own bike, it is important to see perfectly!
Every motoflywear® motorcycle glasses are delivered with street and moto arms, which can be changed in a single motion, thus you can use your glasses before, during, and after riding a bike.
Click on the pictures to learn more about each model.

motoflywear® Accessories

We aim to make the usage of motoflywear® products easier and more comfortable by our unique accessories. There are moments, when only a little something is missing—e.g. a place, where you can put your glasses down, while you put on or take off your helmet. It can fall down from the tank, seat, or handlebars, but the Motoflywear® armband provides an easy solution for this problem. Fasten it with Velcro, then hang your glasses in its holder, thus both of your hands remain free.