motoflywear® - Motorcycling in HD

We have developed motorcycle eyewear, which provides perfect view in every situation.

Have you ever dreamt about the perfect motorcycle glasses, which are comfortable and secure even under the helmet? This dream has now become true. Thanks to a number of unique developments, motoflywear® glasses and sunglasses retain their position even in extreme circumstances, and you can’t even notice their presence. Enjoy perfect vision in every situation—without compromises.

Unique motoflywear® temples

The exclusive design of moto temples is not only nice, but useful as well: the larger surface area of the arms distributes pressure on your temple, thus the arms cause non pain, twine, or pressure. You won’t even feel that it’s there. The edges of Micro Edge System acts as hooks: they hold on to the foam of the helmet, so the glasses can’t move during driving, extreme shaking or high rpm.
Quick Change Temple system makes it easy to change the moto temples to street arms. You can use the glasses for motorcycling, and you can also wear them as regular glasses.

Unique motoflywear® Lenses

The lenses usable with the glasses are specifically designed for motorcycling. Their only task is to provide you clear sight on everything that happens on the road. They are unbreakable and anti-reflective, feature a dust, water, and grease resisting layer (so you don’t have to stop to clean them), provide 100% UV protection, and it also easy to remove moisture from them. Different lenses provide different benefits, and you can change them in a single motion. The motorcycle glasses can always be adapted to the external conditions in order to make them provide the best experience.

motoflywear® motorcycle accessories

We have developed a number of accessories to make your life more comfortable and easier. Every motoflywear® motorcycle glasses and sunglasses are shipped with:

• a case, which contains enough space for 2 pairs of backup lenses, and 1 pair of backup temples
• an aluminium spring-hook, which allows you to strap the case on your belt, so your glasses will always be in reach
• a microfiber textile case for storing, and acting as cleaning cloth
• a large microfiber cleaning cloth that causes no scratches
• a registration card to make the warranty-related or other procedures easier

Technical Details:


A temple that you have never felt – and won’t feel. Its flat design makes it easy to slip it under the helmet. It does not reach your ear, and its surface distributes the pressure evenly: you won’t even notice it’s there.

Like helmets, glasses are also the best if they fit perfectly. Every Motoflywear® models are produced in 3 sizes, and by using the size selector, it is mere child’s-play to choose to appropriate one.

The edges of the temples hold on to the foam of the helmet as hooks, securing your glasses in their position, not affected by high rpm, or driving on cobblestones or terrain.

The basic material of the glasses is extremely flexible, still durable. It adapts to the shape of your head, thus fits perfectly, and resists every impact.

You can change your motorcycle glasses to street glasses in a motion, because it’s really simple to replace MOTO arms to STREET temples.

The air-cushion is compressed upon pressure, then recovers its original form (like the telescope of the motorcycle), so it does not move, when you look round in the intersection. Its silicone material sticks the glasses on your nose.

Riding a bike means constant changing. Your motorcycle wear adapts to the circumstances: you can choose between several lenses, which can be replaced with one snap for the most models, thus you will always have perfect vision.

Your motoflywear® glasses are tailored and adapted to you, so you will always see perfectly, and be safe during driving.


When adapting lenses with one focal point, we take into consideration the relationship of the frame, the lenses, and your eyes, which gives you keen sight that you couldn’t experience before with classic glasses.

Motoflywear® glasses feature everything that is needed for safety: strong or even stronger coating against scratches, dust, water and grease resistant layer to avoid glasses-cleaning stops.

If you are over 40, your eyes may need near and far corrections as well. Motoflywear® mZoom lenses feature a dioptre transition design, which results in equally sharp vision of the horizon, the dashboard, and the mirrors.

Long exposure to UV radiation is harmful for your skin, as well as your eyes. Thus Motoflywear® lenses got a special coating, so prescription and regular glasses protect your eyes equally.

The lenses made of optical plastics of high fragility index (polycarbonate or NXT) are guaranteed to protect your eyes in case of falling. You don’t have to worry about your glasses causing injuries.

Forget, when the headlights of the driver behind you flash your eyes through the mirrors. The back of the lenses is coated with a special layer, so you don’t have to worry about reflections and blinding.

If it rains, if it is cold, or if you got cold, and breathe through your mouth, the motoflywear® motorcycle glasses do not blur. Your experience will be drainless, that is, rainless.

Photochromatic lenses, which become totally colourless in dark, make your vision clear at all time. You won’t even notice the change: you ‘just’ see well. This type of lens is recommended for open face helmets.

Photochromatic lenses even in closed helmets: optimal vision, which always corresponds to the light conditions. It always adapts: behind the visor, or when you don’t wear a helmet at all.