Before Buying

What frame size do I need?

Just as in case of helmets or motorcycle boots, it’s also important to choose the right size when selecting your motorcycle glasses, thus it will be safe and comfortable. The accompanying guide will help you how to measure the circumference of your head, so you can easily choose the right glasses from the size table.

Where can I buy motoflywear® motorcycle prescription glasses?

You can have your motoflywear® prescription glasses made in Szemrevaló Optika ( You can request an appointment by calling +36 20 387 0744 or writing to Since we will perform a thorough eye exam, and make your glasses tailored for you, the whole process will take about 1 hour. Don’t forget to bring your helmet as well! We are looking forward to meet you .

How to choose proper armband size?

Take on your motorcycling jacket, and measure the circumference of your biceps. The size table will make it easy to choose!

What should be the CAT number of the chosen sunglasses lenses?

The indicated numeric value of the CAT (light filtering category) standard shows the percent of received sunlight transmitted by the given lenses. The higher the CAT number, the lower is the amount of transmitted light, so the lenses are darker, and vice versa. So always use according to usage.
Lenses rated higher than CAT3 are not suitable for driving.
Polarized lenses may result in blind spots in the field of vision if the visor is closed, so these types of lenses are only recommended for open face helmets.
Our adaptive (photochromic) lenses are rated as CAT0-CAT3, thus being perfect choices for every condition.
At dusk, at night, or in low visibility conditions, the ‘Night Yellow” tint (CAT1) is recommended. The yellow-ish colour results more contrast.

How to change the lenses of motoflywear® motorcycle glasses?

The lenses of most, but not all motoflywear® glasses are changeable. First ensure that the lenses of motorcycle glasses are changeable. If they are, watch the video below about changing the lenses:

How to change arms of motoflywear® motorcycle glasses?

Changing the arms is easy, but not the same for every model, so first check your model’s name, and then follow the corresponding steps of the instructions below.
Caution! Always perform this action at a temperature of 15 °C (59 °F) or higher, because the end of the arms may become rigid and fragile in cold.

How to clear the lenses of motoflywear® motorcycle glasses?

Always clean the lenses with tepid water, and neutral hand wash or washing-up liquid. If your motoflywear® glasses’ lenses are changeable, you may snap them out from the frame, but you can clean them together with them frame as well. Clean, and carefully rinse them. Make sure to leave a minimal amount of moisture on them. Then wipe the lenses using motoflywear® microfiber cleaning cloth. In case you took out the lenses, you may snap them back using the cleaning cloth in order to not leave fingerprints.