Perfect vision, 100% joy

When you hop on your bike, you want the whole experience: the kisses of the wind, the vibration of the engine, the smell of the road… and the beautiful view.

Do not be content with less!

Still, thousands of riders are compelled to make compromises every day: glasses are uncomfortable in helmets, causing painful twinge, which greatly reduces enjoyment. Classic glasses and sunglasses gently quiver during driving, so they make the eyes become tired quicker, while don’t provide sharp vision.

Many riders have to choose between keen sight and comfort.

Motoflywear® is evolved due to this problem. Szabolcs Turi, the inventor of motorcycle glasses, has already been riding motorcycles for more than 30 years, and has been worked with glasses for 17 years, so he has encountered this problem regularly. One day, one of his biker friends had enough of suffering, and asked him to cut off the arms of his glasses in order to be comfortable to wear them under the helmet. Then stroke the idea: not tweaks, but professional glasses are needed, which are specifically designed for wearing with helmets.

Thus have the professional motoflywear® motorcycle glasses been created.

The special MOTO arms are as short as possible, do not reach your ears, and their shape distribute the pressure on large surface, so they won’t press your head. The glasses not only look good, but also secure due to the special design. The foam in the helmet fills the gaps between the edges, thus securely fixes the glasses, which don’t quiver or move even on high rpm.
But these are just the basics; several unique solutions make our glasses better, more secure, and more comfortable. We continuously improve motoflywear® to be even better and better. As well as bikers, we are also always “on the road”.

See our Technologies page, review the ‘skills’ of motoflywear® glasses, or visit our Products page to learn more about specific models!